Transmission Construction & Maintenance

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We are a team of highly qualified professionals with the ability to perform live-line work on ‘high profile’ systems. We have the experience and the knowledge to accomplish any challenge that arises. Our skilled crew and experienced project management teams work to ensure power keeps flowing to substations and distribution networks. We excel in transmission operations and have the skills and equipment needed to install, maintain, renew, and relocate transmission systems safely and without delay!


Our skilled crews train to safely maintain, install, and relocate transmission lines while minimizing scheduled outages. Whether working live line to install energized lightning arresters or relocating a transmission system, our team works efficiently and safely to minimize costs and potential for injury or property damage.

New Construction

Our teams of skilled professionals provide quick, quality work to ensure timely construction for all projects. From right of way clearing to conductor stringing, our team of project managers plan for efficient construction in all projects.